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New Designer For Toulemonde Bochart

The new collection by Ines de La Fressange Paris at Toulemonde Bochart is a reunion of both colour and graphics.

Following the success of her Rustic, Oak Grove and Bouquets motifs when the designer used oak leaves and other patterns in her rugs, Ines “the true Parisian” rediscovers her Mediterranean roots in motifs inspired and coloured by the two banks of Mare Nostrum (Mediterranean).

She also revisits yesterday’s and today’s most triumphant and noble of fibers – cotton. This magical thread provides a splash of joyful and sparkling colour that is in perfect harmony with the theme of this collection.


Ines de La Fressange portrait
Ines Chanel
Ines mannequin
Ines Femme de l'influence

Model and muse of Karl Lagerfeld Ines was the first model to sign an exclusive contract with a luxury brand by becoming an ambassador for Chanel. The real French icon, Ines was chosen to represent the bust of Marianne the symbol of French Republic.

She founded her own brand « Ines de la Fressange Paris » in 1991 which had an international success till early 2000s.

Today, in addition to her career of model Ines de la Fressange is a creative businesswoman, journalist and writer. She is also the ambassador of luxury shoe designer Roger Vivier, and recently joined the « Dream team » of L’Oréal.

Beyond her talent and professional respect that she has acquired around the world, Ines de la Fressange has particularly high personal values ​​and ethics. Her integrity and human qualities are recognized and appreciated by all.

Two models of the new Ines de La Fressange collection


Moroccan kilim pattern for Tartarin rug as its namesake Tarascon seems to chase for the trends in the Atlas.


Bohemian chic Barnabé rug, the velvet smooth illusion juxtaposing geometric patterns and imitation of fringes. Available in two complementary tones, this model matches smoothly into most eclectic interiors.

Ines de La Fressange Paris the complete collection
Tartarin Ambiance TB DESIGNER
Barnabe Kaki Ambiance TB DESIGNER
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