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New designer for Toulemonde Bochart

From the cooperation between Toulemonde Bochart and Serge Bensimon has issued a collection of rugs with a timeless and significant style. Serge Bensimon is a visionary who promotes a particular lifestyle excluding all black. His fashion collections, his interior designs and all of his projects aim to be iconic. Sure of his ideas and his strength, Serge Bensimon’s collections are meant to be timeless, not a temporary fashion designs made for one or two years, they are made for a lifetime. Their design is chic – far from the snobbery but close to the luxury. The key words in Serge Bensimon’s philosophy? The feeling for the « Beauty » and the taste for the « Essential ».

Lampe serge

serge bensimon créateur

Loyalty to our suppliers and factories is the most important value for me. It might seems outdated but I feel like it is the essential factor in business.

How did you meet the team of Toulemonde Bochart?

I believe in my « feeling ».  I have met the team of Toulemonde Bochart at a fair. Our collaboration did not happen immediately, we preferred to wait for the right season to begin a whole collection. A long term relationship with our partners and manufacturers is one of our shared values. I like this total respect of traditions in our contemporary perspectives. Especially since the quality of the products made by Toulemonde Bochart is always assured.

What does the rug represent for you in your designs ?

The rug is an attractive and challenging product to imagine because we start from a blank page on which all expressions are possible. More than just an object of decoration, rug defines the space, sensory and decorative direction.

Rug can make a room cozy or expand functionality. It is a multi-sensational product that reveals creativity and enhance exchange. My approach to lifestyle and my passion for colors and patterns are the DNA of my brand. They were useful tools for this kind of exercise.

Tapis Energie Gris Jaune Ambiance / Energie Rug
Tapis Energie

We dress as we decorate.

Tapis Rainbow Hiver Ambiance / Rainbow Rug
Tapis Rainbow
Tapis Cinetic Multi Ambiance / Cinetic Rug
Tapis Cinétic pour Toulemonde Bochart
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