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Jose Manuel Ferrero is a Spanish designer. He stands behind numerous interior design projects and product designs. He is the soul of Estudi{H}ac design agency. Ingeniously creative, Jose Manuel Ferrero is passionate about methodology and rigor of Savile Row tailors. His projects are inspired by fine details of tailored suits. As Phileas Fogg, adventurous gentleman he travels the world and finds the inspiration in different cultures. Each project is unique experience with a timeless atmosphere.

lampe sister Ferrero
table Ferrero
chaise JMFerrero


Founded in 2003 design agency Estudi{H}ac is specialized in product design, interior design and ephemeral installations.

JMFerrero Profil

I work on simple and elegant designs a special attention comes to the final twist.

Jose Manuel Ferrero imagines two rugs for Toulemonde Bochart and offers us his vision of a contemporary rug. Spike and Tavern rug are hand tufted, made of New Zealand wool.

Tailored suits and classic fabrics were the starting point for designing Spike rug. Traditional structure of herringbone pattern plays with different spacing and rhythm in lines and color variations.

Spike rug for Toulemonde Bochart
Tavern rug for Toulemonde Bochart

Tavern rug with its design based on projective geometry pays tribute to French mathematician Jean-Victor Poncelet. The kaleidoscopic effect with the range of vivid colors bring movement and informality to interior.

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