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Toulemonde Bochart creator of design, contemporary of quality rugs, was the precursor of the development of partnerships with designers and stylists.

Well-knowned from seventy years of know-how in hand woven, hand knotted, hand tufted rugs, TOULEMONDE BOCHART offers creations in the era with tradition and modernity.

The brand offers a selection of wide and multiple rugs from “Designer to Exclusiv” to satisfy all the publics in function of their budget and their taste, but also some rugs which she can decline tailor-made playing with the colours, the sizes, the designs, the patterns to realize “the unique piece” which fill the desires of the prescriber.

To give more proximity and services to customers sophisticated, TOULEMONDE BOCHART opens a corner at the BHV Marais at 52 rue de Rivoli 75004 Paris.

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