We offer professionals a service for special contracts. Changing with the needs of decision makers,  our products satisfy the requirements of even the most ambitious projects thanks to the flexibility of manual production.
Working on both public and private projects, hotels, offices, shops, homes and yachts are just some of the areas where we can offer you the product best suited to the decor and technical constraints. A wide range of qualities, tufted, knotted or hand-woven in various materials from wool to silk, hemp to cotton are used to create bespoke designs in special sizes and colours in time frames ranging from 8 to 20 weeks depending on the qualities and sizes.


A team tour to the site and the prescription, carrier solutions through technical qualities ranging from woven at hand knotted through the tuft, supported by manufacturing units broken challenges, capable of producing very large templates, in reasonable time.


A substantial range of carpets to achieve the size and color according to Customer requirements, supported by a cad tool breeze.


A finishing shop to complete in record time braided rugs, whipped, or lined piping invisible up to 6 meters by 4.


A studio to make models on demand, within days, possibly accompanied by a sample.


Many prestigious firms and clients place their trust in us, in the hotel sector, as well as the yachting circuit and
private venues.
Theaters : TOP Boulogne, Théatre du Rond point
Hostels : Royal Evian, Crayon Paris, Le Méridien Etoile, Sofitel Budapest, Original Paris, Metropolitain Paris
Restaurants : La maison de Bretagne, les Cèdres Granges lès Beaumont.
Offices : Suez Paris Headquarters, Biologique recherche Paris.
Stores : Christofle, Printemps.
And many others…


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